Let’s say you are Robin Thicke and you’ve inadvertently kicked up a storm of controversy with your latest album, whose concept is a love letter to your estranged wife. What’s your next move?

If you answered, “making a video with a bunch of little kids singing my song,” then you may actually be Robin Thicke. In a move absolutely no one would have predicted, that is exactly what Thicke has done for “Still Madly Crazy.”

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On the one hand, little kids lip synching (which includes such things as “strained singing face,” “swirling our skirts around in circles” and perhaps most devilishly “cake fight”) is adorable. There’s simply no way not to laugh at the antics here and there. Also in his favor is that this is one of the more un-stalker-y songs we’ve heard so far from Paula.

On the other hand, this cuteness is so obviously a manipulation that we all know we’re being manipulated and those of us with some residual anger at Thicke for “Blurred Lines” and everything about Paula will undoubtedly be irate about that.

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