Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias Chats with Jim & Kim

Performing at Madison Square Garden and starring in your own movie are some of the typical bucket list items for most performers. Defying the odds, comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias has achieved all of these feats, something that many performers have not been able to do.

Behind so much success lies a great deal of hard work. Iglesias joined Fresh 102.7’s Jim & Kim in studio today to discuss his latest motion picture “The Fluffy Movie,” as well as his time in New York City and his rise to success.

After three television specials and a series on Comedy Central that pulled in record-breaking ratings, Iglesias’ next cinematic project is his motion picture “The Fluffy Movie,” which comes to theaters on July 7th.

“It’s a standup comedy concert film,” said Iglesias. “It starts off with about a seven minute vignette about the life you know of – how my mom and dad met and how Fluffy came to be Fluffy and then it’s just, uh, it’s a show that I put on.”

“Basically it’s probably the first time that there’s ever been a stand up comedy film that’s PG,” said Iglesias.

When asked if Iglesias, a West Coast native, enjoyed performing in Los Angeles or New York City more, he chose the latter.

“It’s actually more fun because there’s… the audience is a little bit more diverse. Here you guys have some serious diversity,” said Iglesias.

With a mixture of acting and standup comedy on his resume, Iglesias possesses a wide range of talents. But above all, he favors standup comedy.

“The standup is number one. I love standup, ill never quit doing standup as long as I’m an entertainer. A lot of guys use standup as a stepping-stone and that that was the stone for me. Acting is just frosting on the cake.”

It is obvious why he favors standup comedy, having left his steady job at a young age to pursue a career in comedy by doing standup. Standup is where his career as one of the biggest comedians in the world began.

“I had a great job. I mean you got to figure I was 20 years old, uh, my rent was $350 a month, all my bills together was probably $550, and I was making about $4,500 a month selling cellphones. This was when selling cellphones was hard,” said Iglesias. “To go from all that and then to be where I’m at now it’s, it’s an amazing trip.”

Be sure to catch Iglesias’ movie “The Fluffy Movie,” coming out on July 7 and be on the look out for Iglesias’ 2015 appearance at Madison Square Garden.

Check out the official “The Fluffy Movie” Trailer below:

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–Joe Cingrana & Leah Cunningham/Fresh 102.7

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