Georgia native, season eleven American Idol winner, and the man who brought us “Home,” Phillip Phillips made another stop at the Fresh 102.7 studios to chat with morning hosts Jim & Kim. The last time they spoke, Phillips had just released his new single “Raging Fire” on May 3rd. His return to the studio this week comes with more good news; the release of his sophomore album “Behind The Light,” on May 19th.

Only one day after the album’s release, “Behind The Light” had already made it to the number five spot on iTunes.

“It’s pretty awesome,” said Phillips when asked how he felt about his spot on top although he immediately showed his humble side. “I’ve seen Tweets about it, but I always get nervous when it comes to numbers and that kind of stuff. Because it’s always people talking about the first week – but it shouldn’t be about the first week – it’s a year’s process, so that’s what I’m keeping in mind.”

“But I’m nervous and excited and scared and everything,” admitted Phillips. “So I’m hoping people like it.”

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Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Local

Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Local

Photos: Phillip Phillips In Studio w/ Jim & Kim

Phillips wrote and co-wrote every song on the new album, which will certainly give it a more personal touch than some other artists who allow others to be involved in the writing process.

“It’s an album as a whole,” says Phillips. “It’s not really necessarily about singles per se, but we did work hard on the singles, we had to make them sound right. My songs don’t sound like singles. Sometimes they happen to hopefully work.”

Phillips recorded the new album here in New York City with Gregg Wattenberg, who produced his 2013 hit “Gone, Gone, Gone,” as well as newcomer Dereck Fuhrmann.

“I love New York,” says Phillips, but he admits it may not be the best place for him to call home.

“I don’t know if I would want to live here my whole life, but I love coming to visit. I could live here for a few months at a time. It’s completely different from going over to the West Coast. The West Coast is awesome but when you think of New York, you think it’s going to be crazy. And it is crazy. It’s busy and everything but it’s cool. It’s not as insane as you would think.”

“When you’re walking on the street,” people are on a mission. And I turn into that,” Phillips explained about his NYC experiences. “My guitar player was walking down the street the opposite way… and I didn’t even see him. He tapped me on the shoulder… and I just looked at him – he thought I was about to hit him – and I was like ‘man I was focused, you can’t do that to me!'”

Phillip Phillips, officially a real New Yorker (at heart, anyway).

Watch Phillips’ official video for “Raging Fire” below:

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–Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7

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