This morning, Jim & Kim called Mr. Donnie Phillips, Phillip Phillips’ dad, to get maybe just a little bit of dirt on his son ask what he thinks of the success he has experienced at such a young age.

One of the funnier and surely all too true things he wanted to say to his son was, “Hey buddy, it’s time to cut the grass, come on home!”

His son, Phillip, is about to release his sophomore album in May. After his first album skyrocketed to the top of the charts, the singer says he is facing a little bit of nervousness.

“I’m scared to death, it’s very nerve-racking, you don’t want to screw it up. It’s all kinds of terrifying but I’m so proud of the album already after hearing all the songs and how they got mixed and whatnot. I’m so proud of them but it’s not just me who it matters to,” said Phillips.

His latest single, “Raging Fire,” is already a hit and if it’s any indication of the album itself, this one will take off. He also said he’s comfortable with it and hopes everyone else feels the same even though it may be a little bit different from the first.

“It’s different, I don’t want to say it’s too far from the first, but it’s more mature, it’s more rock which is definitely me. It sounds like a band record which is also me because I grew up listening and jamming,” said Phillips.

Listen HERE:

He recorded the whole album in New York at one of his favorite studios and him being a southern gentleman and all, we wanted to know his favorite things about the city.

“When the cab driver knows exactly where to go,” said Phillips, comparing NYC cabbies to LA ones who hate going anywhere but the airport.

He also talked briefly about his work with Matchbox 20 and John Mayer this past year.

“They were so kind to me and Rob Thomas is one of my favorite lyricists and he’s such a great guy… I’ll hear from him from time to time,” said Phillips.


“I feel so blessed, it’s been a great past year,” Phillips said.

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–Cameron Steagall/Fresh 102.7

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