This Is What It’s Like To Base Jump From 1 World Trade Center

“We just kind of walked in,” said Andrew Rossig to the New York Times, one of the men who decided to base jump from 1 World Trade Center on September 30, 2013. Seems a bit too easy to walk into one of the highest profile and secure buildings in the world, but apparently that’s all it takes if you want to plummet 1,776 feet at 3AM.

Rossig — along with James Brady, Marco Markovich, and Kyle Hartwell — avoided police for four months before being tracked down and admitting to the stunt. Video of the jump, taken from cameras attached to their helmets, show a first-hand experience of the long leap.

All four men were charged on Thursday with trespassing and with burglary, “under the legal theory that they entered the building to commit a crime.”

Read More @ CBSNewYork:

BASE Jumpers Defend WTC Stunt, Say It Exposed ‘Hole In Security’

Security at 1WTC has been on high alert since last week when a 16-year-old found his way passed security through the construction area and was able to climb to the top of the spire and take a selfie.

–E.J. Judge/CBS Local

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