By Annie Reuter

Be careful who you live with, one day they may sell your old skis.

A man who claims to be Kurt Cobain‘s roommate is selling items that once belonged to the late singer on Craigslist. These items include a telephone, a video game and a pair of skis, minus the poles. Though as the roommate claims, they’re good skis and are obviously a lot cooler than your average pair of skis being that they were once owned by Cobain.

The Nirvana frontman apparently left the box when he moved out, with the roommate explaining, “He owed us rent and said he would get the box when he came back and gave us money but he never came back.”

As the roommate recalls, Cobain then got famous and he never really talked to them again “because courtney never liked us but she’s a d*** so no hard felings” or, for the rest of us, no hard feelings.

Cobain’s old roommate is selling the singer’s stuff on the cheap, charging $25 for the videogame, $80 for the skis and $55 for the phone. “Some of this stuff is pretty historical as he was using it whem he was signing his first record contracts,” the ad states, “like the phone i know i think he used to talk on the phone to people in LA. that is why it is expensive.”

In other Cobain weirdness, his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington recently unveiled a statue of the singer that features one lonely tear falling down his face as he plays guitar. The statue was part of the town’s Kurt Cobain Day, which they celebrated Feb. 20, on what would have been Cobain’s 47th birthday.

Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 10 is a bit more complimentary and will also be the recipient of its 24-hour commemoration on that same day, when the small city of Hoquiam, Washington, celebrates the first Nirvana Day.

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