Tally Sessions & Chris Wragge Talk ‘Philosophy For Gangsters’

What does every New York actor have in common? I found out when I landed an Off-Broadway role!

Every little girl has a dream…when I was 13, my dad took me to my first Broadway Show… 42nd Street starring Lenny Briscoe… ummm, I mean Jerry Orbach. And little Kim (not lil’ Kim with the pasties)…who was so much dorkier than she is now with big glasses and big teeth she had to grow into…said “Dad I want to do that one day!”

I became a radio personality instead, but that worked out pretty damn good because I get to spend my mornings with you guys and through that I had the chance to make that dream come true. One of our listeners…Scott Wojcik…was casting for the Off-Broadway show Philosophy for Gangsters.

As Telecharge describes it…

‘Mafia heiress Callie Rizzoli has a lot on her plate. A street gang is fighting to take over her territory. She wants to make someone pay for her parents’ deaths. To top it off, she and the philosopher she’s kidnapped are lifted to top slot on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. A clever, provocative comedy about ideas and messy deaths.’

And I am thrilled to say I get to be a part of it!!

While I only am a very small part of this brilliant show…I am “the newscaster” there are so many great people and actors I met when I filmed my role last night…and what do they have in common? They were all on Law & Order! I had heard from Producer Craig that every New York actor has been on a Law & Order episode and I tested the theory when I filmed my role yesterday for Philosophy for Gangsters…yes, it’s true…everyone I asked had been on either L & O or SVU.

In preparation for my big (well, small, really) debut as “the newscaster”, my partner Jim rounded up some big stars to give me pointers.

Tally Sessions is in Philosophy for Gangsters and has starred on Broadway in Big Fish and toured with Legally Blonde…so he gave me some tips from an actor’s point of view of how to impress… and it includes looking in the mirror and saying this to yourself:

And Jim got CBS2 News guru/anchor Chris Wragge to take time out of his busy TV schedule to tell me how the big guys do it on the networks:

I hope you will come see the show when it opens February 4th at the Beckett Theater on West 42nd!

And, personally, thank you to playwright and director Barry Peak for making me feel like I could actually do this when I was there to film…gushing with creativity and positive energy and to Liz Peak for her enthusiasm for the show and for making me feel a part of what they have created.

Thanks also to Blake Drummond who made me feel at ease in front of a camera when I’m used to nothing more than a microphone and my partner staring at me every morning…and for unzipping the back of my dress to put the mic pack on my bra…he was the consummate professional when he did it…but it’s been a long time since a guy unzipped my dress.

Costume designer Sarah Rose helped me look good and didn’t mind all my questions about how she makes people in movies and TV look so put together (and her awesome tattoo)! Thank you!

And Shabazz Green – actor and general man about town – who puts a smile on the face of kids every morning when it’s his job to entertain them before they get on the school bus…and, yes, he was on a Law & Order episode…he was in the chorus and had dreads at the time! Thank you!

To everyone in the show…break a leg…and thank you for letting me crash your party!!!! See you opening night.

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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