"Look at me go!" - Jim Douglas

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things about Jim Douglas that set him far above the rest of the world’s straight men. As a self-professed metrosexual, Jim frequently tends to his plants around the office and he’s the first to mention how pretty Kim looks on a daily basis. But when it comes to dancing, Jim is as straight as they come.

By that, I mean that he can’t…at all. With such “go-to” dances as “the Batman,” “the Acid Reflux,” and many, many others, we’re sure he’s embarrassed his wife on more than one occasion when hitting the dance floor.

When Kim and I heard that Jim had received an invitation to his nephew’s wedding, we knew we had to do SOMETHING to help him out. For this would not be just ANY wedding for Jim – this would be his first GAY wedding and we could not have him making a fool of himself on the dance floor amongst all the fabulosity that will surely surround him.

Luckily, Kim came across Ben Weston, a professional dance teacher who has made it his mission to instruct and inspire straight men everywhere so that they’ll be a little less embarrassed (and embarrassing) when they’re dancing.

Ben stopped by and gave Jim a quick lesson on the basics to keep in his dance arsenal and even a “sexy” move to try on his wife. The results, as you can see in this video, made Kim and I slightly more hopeful. And even Kim gets in on it, much to our delight.

However, I don’t think Jim will ever stop biting that lower lip. *sigh*

If you’d like to get in touch with Ben, his website is www.mrbenweston.com.

–Craig Lenti/Fresh 1027

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