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This week on FM Magazine, Deb Gordon spotlighted “Out of the Clear Blue Sky” with the film’s director Danielle Gardner.

Cantor Fitzgerald was headquartered on the top 5 floors of the World Trade Center on September 11 and “Out of the Clear Blue Sky” tells a behind the scenes story about the tragedy and how it impacted the employees, friends and family who went from eliciting sympathy from the community after losing 25 percent of the total number of people who died on September 11, to what Ms. Gardner calls the vilification of its CEO. Very few employees subsequently gave interviews about their story and Ms. Gardner stated she always felt there was a historical gap that she hopes the film fills for those who are familiar with the story and those who aren’t.

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Ms. Gardner’s brother Doug was one of the nearly 700 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who died on September 11 and she told listeners about being on the street and personally seeing the first plane go into the towers, knowing immediately it was intentional and having to call her parents to let them know. Ms. Gardner discussed how being part of the community of families who mourned in the aftermath afforded her the access and the opportunity to get footage from people who had never spoken before and also those who were on scene during the attacks, that was unlike what had previously been shown on TV and other sources.


Ms. Gardner also discussed her decision to put graphic footage in the film and felt it was a necessary component. Also discussed were the importance of ensuring that the family members not feel exploited and determined that ultimately the interviews were therapeutic and the family members were glad they participated in the documentary, and were able to provide their unique perspective to audiences.

Ms. Gardner stated that part of the purpose of the film is to educate and inform those who a weren’t living here and young people who don’t have a first-hand experience about what she feels is the defining moment of this generation and an important story to tell about Cantor’s place in history.

The film opened in New York on September 6 and there will be special Screenings across the country on Wednesday, September 11 at 7pm. Many of the screenings will have moderated discussions with psychologists, professors and other professionals, to open dialogue.

For more information and to see a full schedule, visit

–Deb Gordon/Fresh 102.7

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