Robin Thicke Talks Getting Down To His Own Music And His Recent Success

Robin Thicke‘s hit “Blurred Lines” is the song of the summer. It’s everywhere. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Robin sat down with Kim, one half of the Jim and Kim duo, to talk about the VMA’s and his most recent successes.

Thicke is nominated for video of the year–a category he said he doesn’t plan to win, so he hasn’t written an acceptance speech…yet.

“Now that people keep telling me they think I might win, I better have something ready,” he said. “[My wife] will be the first one. She might be the only one I thank.”


“Blurred Lines” is constantly on the radio (you’re welcome), but the question is, does Robin turn it up or turn it down when he hears it? It seems the Thicke household is divided.

“I turn it down! I say, ‘Please change the channel,'” he said. “My wife says, ‘Don’t you dare change that channel. You turn that up.’ She doesn’t sign along, but she jams out. She’s just very excited for me. She says, ‘Don’t do that to God, don’t you turn that song down.'”

While Robin has been around for years in the music industry, he’s recently become much more recognizable and in the public eye. Now, there’s a few things he can’t do in public…like get jiggy with his friends.

“The way I like to party with my wife and our friends, you know out at a club,” he said. “You want to make sure you’re at the right club, and somebody’s always got an eye out for cell phones because we party pretty hard. We like to get down.”

Collaborations have seemed to help Thicke in the music biz, but generally he likes to steer clear of them so he can stay true to his musical style.

“Because I write and produce my own music most of the time, I always feel like I would rather stay true to expressing myself than do too many collaborations,” Thicke said. “But I love collaborating with rappers and hip hop artists because that’s something I can’t do and it always brings a different energy to the record.”


Robin’s music is used a lot of the time for people to get jiggy to. Apparently, Robin likes to get physical to his own music as well. Or at least his wife does!

“Last night my lady and I were gonna watch a movie, and she wanted to play the music,” he said. “Next thing you know we were having a lot of fun. It isn’t weird anymore. It was for a minute, but because she likes it so much, I just say, ‘Hey whatever makes you act like that, let’s play it!'”

Thicke said most of the time he doesn’t play his music for other people until he feels confident in it, but he does play for his close group of friends and, obviously, his wife.

“She’s the one I count on,” he said. “Not only will she tell me the truth, but she’s an artist and a creative person also, and writer and everything. She’ll tell me, ‘You need to sing it like a man. You sound soft. You need to sing that again, and sing it like a man!'”

We have no complaints about his manliness over here! What do you think of “Blurred Lines” being the song of the summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


–Sydney Holmes/92.3 NOW 

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