Back in the dating game again… oh goody!!! I live in a city of 8 million people and it’s still impossible to find a decent guy (have you heard that one before?). I’m a single woman so, of course, I’ve scrolled through every single dating excuse I can find to figure out why that is.

And then I saw this book:

book Help! Should I Break All the Dating Rules? Author Andrea Syrtash Says Yes!

It’s Okay to Sleep with Him
On the First Date
And Every Other Rule of Dating, Debunked

Well, of course I picked it up… it’s a catchy title. And it turns out there are tons of dating rules I should be breaking! At least that’s what the author Andrea Syrtash told me today.

“In love you have to take risks,” Syrtash said. “You can’t play safe. You have to take smart risks. You don’t necessarily want to date your married boss.”

Dually noted, Andrea. But what about nice guys finishing last? We’ve heard that one for a while. Andrea said that, too, is a complete crock.

“I think the problem is we’re confusing nice with boring. Boring guys finish last. Nice ones absolutely don’t.

We moved on to the stuff that people really want to talk about before 10:00 a.m.–sex, obviously. Do you jump ship if the sex is bad? Andrea said there are two schools of thought on the issue.

“Sex with a new partner…sometimes you just haven’t gotten into the rhythm yet. So I don’t think right away you need to break it off,” she said. “But if you don’t have the desire to rip someone’s clothes off, you’re not attracted, you get the heebie-jeebies with the person, absolutely break it off.”

Now I have everyone walking up to me to tell me the dating rules they’ve broken and it worked out for them…what rules did you break?

–Kim Berk & Sydney Holmes/Fresh 102.7

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