We’re Looking For A “Replacement Jim!” Maybe It’s You, Brian!

Apparently while I was away last week he took the opportunity to Kim-bash…the WHOLE WEEK. Now, I didn’t listen to the show while I was on vacation, but word got back to me that my partner of 13 years couldn’t resist a few (quite a few) snarky comments at my expense and when I wasn’t here to defend myself.

Of course, he denied it all. But…THIS IS RADIO…so there is a digital record of his Kim-bashing. Producer Craig scoured each day’s show and found all those little gems (“Kim’s not here…enjoy the quiet”) to make a highlight (or lowlight) reel of Jim’s greatest bashes.

Listen HERE:

Our first audition for Replacement Jim was Lorne who is an active-duty Army soldier and had three categories to choose from for his audition: Pop Culture, “Karoke with Kim” or “How Well Do You Know the Woman Who Will Be Sitting Next to You?” Listen HERE.

Our second audition is Brian, a tattooed veterinarian who lost 150 pounds to become a marathon runner and Brian had three categories to choose from for his audition: Pop Culture, “Fresh Karaoke” or “How Obnoxious is Gwyneth Paltrow?”

Let’s see how Brian did below:

Not bad, Brian. But I think we’ll keep looking.

If YOU think YOU can do better, let us know!

If you would like to be the Replacement Jim, email me kim@fresh1027.com with all your information and why you think you would be a good Replacement Jim!!

–Kim Berk/Fresh 102.7

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