How Big Is Your Mouth? Maybe You Could Be a Town Crier… in New Jersey!

O Ye! O Ye! O Ye!

Yes, apparently we have Town Criers here in the United States just like they do in the UK.

The official Town Crier for the royal family became world famous when he stepped out in full regalia to announce the birth of a new prince. In case you missed it…he sounded very official…

So, it got us to thinking…do we have any local town criers? What kind of things do they cry? Surely not birth announcements since we don’t have a New York City Royal family – although there are plenty that think they are!!

First stop, the American Guild of Town Criers, the official web site for the Town Criers of America. Ha! Bet you didn’t know we had so many Town Criers across the nation… and guess where the majority of them cry? New Jersey!!!

So we talked to William Joseph, the Town Crier who represents Morris and Sussex Counties plus Belvedere and Newton, NJ, to find out if he uses his crier voice to yell at his wife and what kinds of things he actually yells out.

Generally it’s the news of the day and advertising, but we thought celebrity gossip would be a great thing to cry out to the town. “Hear ye, hear ye! Kim Kardashian is pregnant… again!”

OK, maybe not.

Well, apparently New Jersey is looking for a new batch of big voices to join the crier squad. We all know Jim has a big mouth so he gave it a try along with William. Listen below!

Jim’s going to stick to his day job, while he still has one.

As you can imagine, William’s voice would probably be the one that wins every argument. But he says he uses his “inside voice” when he gets into little tiffs.

“My voice has been recorded at over 200 feet. So if I did it in the house, I’d blow the windows out!”

If you’re interested in trying out your pipes for the NJ Town Criers, details are here.

–Kim Berk,Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7

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