Gavin DeGraw: A Food Truck Loving, NYC Outlaw

Musician, street meat enthusiast, and possible feature on a future “Cops” episode, Gavin DeGraw, stopped by Fresh 102.7 in NYC to chat with Jim & Kim about his new single, upcoming tour and few of his favorite things here in the Big Apple.

DeGraw’s new song, “Best I Ever Had,” takes a quick dig possibly at a certain New York mayor. We’re not naming names, here. It says, “We’re at war again, save the world again/You can all join in, but you can’t smoke inside.”

“I don’t tell people how to eat, or what to put in their mouth or their body,” DeGraw said. “So, I don’t expect anyone to tell me either.”

The song also comments on today’s fascination with technology and documenting every minute of every day. DeGraw said while it’s normal, it can sometimes be frustrating–especially when he catches himself watching something through the lens of his phone instead of being fully immersed in what’s going on around him.

“The reality is,” he said, “I’m not really a good enough camera man to be sacrificing that good time.”


Since Gavin’s tour with Train and The Script is coming up, he decided to let us in on a few things he likes to have on hand–or on anywhere else, for that matter.

“I have to pack lots of underpants,” he said. “No commando, no. That’s so gross. That is SO gross. Whenever someone’s like, ‘I go commando,’ I’m like, ‘You are disgusting.’ They’re like, ‘No, in the summertime especially commando.’ I’m like ‘Uh, in the summer time especially NOT commando.'”

Gavin said while on tour, outside of packing tons of underwear, he likes to play pranks. However, he said he has to wait a little while and get cozy with his touring buddies before going all-out prankster.

“It’s the opposite way with musicians because we take everything so personally,” DeGraw laughed. “If it doesn’t go well the first day, we’ll write a song about it and we’ll sing it on stage. We pull a Taylor Swift on each other. I’ll be like, ‘This one’s about Pat because of what you said at lunch.'”

Outside of Gavin’s own bar in NYC, The National Underground, the crooner said he loves food trucks, especially the more adventurous ones.

“I do love the street meat, my friend. It’s funny how the term street meat turns into a totally different definition at a certain time of day. At 9:00 pm that’s something else,” Gavin said. “Typically the street meat that I like the best during the day, I can’t pronounce. It’s usually some crazy name with weird lettering because I like the really flavorful nutty stuff with the crazy seasonings where you’re just like ‘Here, just put more of that on because it burns my mouth. More of that.'”

Careful, ladies (and Gavin’s mom). The musician’s image isn’t so squeaky clean anymore. This bad boy has a record now thanks to New York’s mass transit. Risqué, Gavin.

“I have gotten a summons for jumping the turn style. I know, I’m so bad,” Gavin said. “I was actually on my to work, and I was running late to do a charity here in New York, and the best way to get across town is to take the subway during certain hours. Like the pre-bad street meat hours.”

The cops got to Gavin, and even though he is a charitable soul, he wasn’t let off easy.

“They were not nice. I was like, ‘But I’m gonna go to do a really good thing right now!’ He was like, ‘Yeah OK, you’re going to have to pay this 150 dollar fine when you’re done with that really good thing.'”

Make sure to check out Gavin in all his law-breaking glory out on tour!

–Sydney Holmes/Fresh 102.7

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