Cameos in movies are cool. Cameos by the Backstreet Boys are EPIC. BSB talked with Fresh 102.7’s Jim and Kim about their most recent appearance in the most hilarious movie of the summer, “This Is The End.”

“When we talked with Seth [Rogen], once we got on set, he was telling us they had no real ending to the actual film,” A.J. McLean said. “And they referenced ‘Backstreet’s Back‘ within the first ten minutes of the actual film, so they wanted to come back full circle with that.”

Funny men Seth Rogen, whose wife came up with the idea to end the film with a BSB cameo, and Jay Baruchel told the boys they “grew up” to the sound of the Backstreet Boys.

“Just to know that Seth Rogen is a fan of the Backstreet Boys is really really cool,” A.J. said.

Jay, Seth, and Craig Robinson all had to learn the dance moves to “Backstreet’s Back,” which turned out to not be as easy as they planned. Kevin said when the comedians saw the members of BSB do the choreography they’ve known for years, they kicked it into high gear. One of the actors stood out above the rest.

“Seth was good,” Brian Litrell said. “He has his own character about him–his own timing.”

The only member of Backstreet who has seen the film is A.J., who said from start to finish the film is hilarious. He said, of course, an experience at a theatre is a little different when you’re in the movie being played.

“It was at one of those theaters that serves alcohol, so everyone’s drinking,” A.J. said. “So once we come on screen I’m like, ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,’ and then once the song started, they were cheering and I was like ‘Ah, yes!'”

The boys have their own musical idols, too. They each said if they weren’t so busy, they’d follow a few specific artists on tours. Kevin would follow Prince, Brian would follow Nora Jones, and A.J. would follow his golf buddy Alice Cooper.

“I just think he’s cool…and he’s an awesome golfer,” A.J. said.

Be sure to check out the boys’ new single, “In A World Like This” and make some time to see them on tour.

–Sydney Holmes/Fresh 102.7

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