Michael Bublè believes his latest album, To Be Loved, is his best yet. And he owes it all to a very public breakup five years ago.

The Canadian crooner told Vanity Fair that after breaking off his engagement with actress Emily Blunt in 2008, he was heartbroken and insecure.

“I was not a happy man for many years,” he said. “I never thought I could hold a relationship. No way. Because how could anyone love me if I didn’t? That sounds like a shrink would say it, but it’s the truth.”

After the break-up Bublè began to really look at himself and realize that he wasn’t getting any younger. He told the mag that fame can stunt your growth and he knew he needed to become an adult. Bublè even started reading the self-help book The Power of Nowwhich is all about spiritual thinking. He says the Oprah-recommended book was something he needed at the time.

“I started reading it, and I believed in it,” Bublè explained. “I started practicing it, and it was as simple as just being in the moment and being thankful for what I had and every day trying to be grateful and to try to work on myself. It was such a slow process, but it changed my life.”

He added, “Literally. If you talk to my mom and dad, they’ll tell you that I’m a different son. I’m present.”

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