It’s the initial dream as a kid, a growing goal as an adult and the ultimate payoff for every musician: Get. On. The. Radio. Whether you ask newcomers or seasoned artists, the answers are always insightful and entertaining when they are posed the question, “How did you feel when you first heard your music on the radio?”

When pop-rocker Avril Lavigne stopped by the Fresh 102.7 studios in NYC last week, morning hosts Jim & Kim wanted to find out what it’s like for not just one, but two established artists (she’s engaged to Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger) when they happen across each other’s music on the airwaves.

“Actually it was really cool! The other day we were driving around and ‘How You Remind Me’ came on the radio and he’s like ‘Wait what’s that, turn that up!” joked Avril.

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“I remember when we were hanging out and going to the studio. We were driving around in my Jeep and his song came on… it’s kind of a joke if my song or his song comes on. We turn it up and jam! It’s exciting!”

As for the very first time Avril heard her new song “Here’s To Never Growing Up” on the air, she remembers the scene quite vividly:

“We were tailgating, sitting in a parking lot. Chad and his band were in the studio. Two friends of mine were waiting outside, we had glasses of champagne, talking, waiting for him to get done. And the song came on,” Avril remembers. “We cranked it up in the parking lot, and he walked out at the same time. And [Chad] was like, ‘are you guys listening to your music?’ And I said ‘it’s on the radio!’ So, we started cheers-ing! It was so cool.”

“It feels good! I spent a year on this record and writing all these songs,” continued Avril. “There’s a lot that goes into it and when you hear it on the radio, it’s very rewarding.”

Check out Avril’s video for her new single “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” co-written by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback below:

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