Los Angeles rockers the Silversun Pickups are currently out on tour supporting their 2012 album, Neck of the Woods. Like most bands, they will rock several thousand more faces before the wrap up this trot around the globe — including the faces of fans at KROQ’s Weenie Roast on Saturday (May 18).

Radio.com caught up with singer Brian Aubert backstage at a recent concert, where he explained why he feels Silversun Pickups are growing more shy as a band as they get bigger.

“I think it’s not really from being semi-known,” Aubert said. “I think it’s just the amount of faces that you see.”

Aubert joked that he’s learned there are exactly two varieties of face and everyone has one or the other.

“I think I’ve run out of the ability to remember anybody anymore,” Aubert said. “If I’m at Trader Joe’s, or something like that, if somebody comes up to me sometimes I don’t know if — is this somebody I know? Or is this a fan? Or the best one is if you think someone’s looking at you and you kind of go, ‘Oh hey!’ And they’re like, ‘I wasn’t looking at you.'”

While the band still enjoy meeting their fans, Aubert may be more reserved about meeting your eye contact in the chips aisle.

Aubert also confirmed the group have started thinking about their next album, but wouldn’t confirm if they’ve started writing or not. He did explain, at length, that while it has happened that way, touring and writing and recording at the same time is not their favorite thing.

“We did that [for] our first record, Carnavas,” Aubert said. “We were touring with an EP that we didn’t mean to be touring with. We released an EP and we were going to make a record and release it and see what happens. And so we found ourselves on tour. We were stunned. We couldn’t believe it. Still can’t believe it really. It was weird and all of the sudden, we were making this record and touring. That EP tour then turned into a Carnavas tour because we were pretty much playing those songs anyway.”

Aubert feels that the diversion of their creative attention doesn’t always lead to the best work.

“It’s not our favorite thing to do, [to] record and tour,” Aubert said. “But, you know, cry me a river. Wah!..You try to be your best at each and sometimes if you’re swinging in between the two you don’t feel as good as you could be at it.”

Catch the band playing KROQ’s Weenie Roast Saturday May 18 at noon PT. If you can’t make it to L.A. you can watch the webcast from your couch.


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