Kim’s Really Wild Dream: Does This Seem Weird to You?

It Involves a Duck and Richard Nixon in Bobblehead Form...

Ok, now that I’ve written it out… it does seem really weird. But is it scary?

I made the mistake of telling Jim and Producer Craig about this dream. I think maybe the glass of wine mixed with Benadryl for my allergies might be responsible for it… but, here it is.

I have been invited over to random-guy-who-I-don’t-know’s house (but since it’s a dream, I somehow do know who he is) and he introduces me to his pet duck, Richard. Yeah, I know, it’s already getting weird… but then it takes a turn into the truly bizarre.

So Richard the Duck has some sort of condition that made his owner amputate his head (I know… bizarre!) to save his life and replace his noggin with a Richard Nixon bobblehead. I have no idea why. I only know Richard Nixon from the history books and I haven’t thought about him since probably junior high school, but somehow he creeped (emphasis on creeped) into my dream. This was a happy, walking, talking (yes, talking… it’s A DREAM) duck who just happened to have a Richard Nixon bobblehead as his head.

Apparently that dream scared Jim and Producer Craig so they brought in Anne Cutler, a psychoanalyst who runs dream groups to find out if I’m dangerous.

So how far up the weird scale is this dream?

“You know, I’ve heard a lot of dreams and this one is right near the top of the scale,” said Anne.

Well that explains why Kim is single!

“Dreams usually come from, or are triggered by, recent events of the day or days leading up to the dream,” Anne continued. “This is a really tough one, maybe it’s something that you are wishing would be relegated to history at this point.”

Kim likes that theory. It makes her seem smarter in her sleep, but Jim and Craig don’t buy it. Unfortunately for them, they’re wrong.

“Actually, we’re all smarter when we’re sleeping than when we’re awake,” says Anne. “So there are a lot of things in our dreams that make us seem smarter than we really are… even Jim.”

–Kim Berk & Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7

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