It’s prom season, which always brings back painful memories for some of us. Well, maybe not painful, but it certainly is a reminder of the fact that neither me nor Jim went to our proms. No dates, no corsage, no limo, no after-party… just a bowl of popcorn and scary movies, missed memories and having to admit we didn’t go to prom!

But everyone else seems to have memories of their prom. It’s probably not a memory that you think about a lot, but when I ask “what was your prom date’s name…” the memories come flooding back!

This morning we went on the Jim & Kim experience known as “Office Space” where we sprung this very question on our unsuspecting co-workers!

  • Natalie in the Traffic department didn’t really know her prom date. She was a very sheltered, all girl’s school student (although you wouldn’t be able to tell now), so she got one of her girlfriends to get her a date through her boyfriend. And like the good Catholic school girls they were, they all went on a booze cruise afterwards!
  • Joe,’s Editor, remembered his prom date, Monisha (how exotic!). It was obvious he hadn’t thought of the girl who was on his arm for that evening of awkward dances so many years ago, but her name was fresh in his mind when we asked. First AND last! We just wonder if Monisha really is a doctor now!
  • Christina in Traffic went with her twin sister to her prom. And it totally wasn’t worth it!
  • Nick, an Account Executive, went with his good friend Tanya. He’s still good friends with her. Was it because of the benefits? We’ll never know.
  • Terrisha, a Sales Assistant, decided to rob the cradle for her prom and took a guy who was two years younger than her. Dave Corsen, apparently you were Terrisha’s eye candy for the evening! Congrats!

Quick! What was your prom date’s name? First and last! And were they worth it?! Leave a comment below!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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