It’s A Boy For Buble, But Will He and His Wife Ever Agree On A Name?

GRAMMY award winning crooner Michael Buble stopped by the Fresh studios to chat with morning show hosts Jim and Kim from about fatherhood.

The singer and his wife, Argentine actress/model Luisana Lopilat are currently expecting their first child. In the midst of being giddy over feeling the baby kick for the first time, Buble revealed that they will be having a baby boy!

“I know it’s a boy. The only thing I don’t know is what the name is going to be. I’ve been fighting for very manly names, but she’s fighting me on those,” he said.

That comes as no surprise with the names Buble has on his mind.

“I like Spartacus. What about like Magnus or Thor? – That’s what I call my biceps,” Buble said jokingly.

Watch the full interview here>>

On a more serious note, Michael says he would like to name his son after the legendary baritone singer Von Monroe.

“The name I really liked was Von ’cause there was a singer named Von Monroe that I grew up loving. This old, big band singer,” Buble said before he began singing a line from “Let It Snow” by Monroe.

But Luisana is not having it. His wife prefers that their son have a Spanish first name, although Michael admits that the “names that she thinks are awesome in Spanish, don’t work in English!”

She is willing to play fair with the baby’s middle name. “The only thing I know is I think that I’m going to honor my father by giving a middle name or middle initial or at least something. And she says that’s okay as long as her father’s initial is there too,” he said.


-Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7/NYC

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