Does Ed Sheeran Have A Girlfriend? The World May Never Know

Fresh 102.7/NYC’s Karen Carson got Up Close and Personal with Ed Sheeran during his Q&A/performance at City Winery in SOHO, NYC when she popped the question every girl is dying to ask.

No, it’s not ‘will you marry me?’ – although there was a lot of talk about marriage and prenups.

But rather, is there a lucky lady in Ed’s life?

Watch the entire interview here »

“Even if I did have one, I wouldn’t say anything anyway,” said Sheeran.

U.K. singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is usually an open book and doesn’t hold much back from his fans when it comes to his personal life, but he is going to make an exception on this subject matter.

Staying modest and protecting his lady friend (if there is one) is what he is all about.

“Everyone knows almost everything about me. I make it very clear that I’m cool with people knowing all my personal life through my songs” said Sheeran. “There’s stuff that you want to go home to and have a little bit of an escape and I think if I was to ever have one I wouldn’t be mentioning her every five minutes in an interview. When people do that it’s more for media attention.”

The rising pop star commends celebrities like Adele, who are able to keep their private lives under wraps instead of all over the front page of the gossip tabloids.

“There was a point when no one knew whether she [Adele] was pregnant, whether she had the kid… no one knew she was engaged. No one had a clue and that’s ’cause she didn’t want anyone to know. That was her thing and I find that everyone who’s in the papers – pictures of them with different people – it’s all a bit planned,” said Sheeran.

Unlike his tour mate, Taylor Swift, who’s relationship track record is plastered all over the place, Sheeran prefers to keep his love life out of the media’s reach.

“You can keep it out if you want to keep it out. My choice would be to keep it out,” said Sheeran.

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-Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7/NYC

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