English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran isn’t one to parade on stage shirtless, but that may all change due to the opinion of several lucky Fresh listeners, who got to meet the singer at City Winery in SOHO, NYC for an Up Close and Personal Q&A/performance for Fresh 102.7.

Photos: Ed Sheeran Meets Fans @ City Winery NYC

New York is the center of the entertainment industry and Sheeran’s visits to the city are jam packed with numerous radio and television appearances, not leaving much time for indulging in the many eateries.

“It’s just work the whole time so I tend to have the American experience outside of New York, usually in places where there is two radio stations and TV. This morning we did seven different TV things. And there’s another one that comes tonight as well,” said Sheeran.

Although it’s all work and no play for the A-teamer, he still finds time to kick it ’70s style with some groovy fries.

“But every single time we come to New York we stay at this hotel called the Maritime and it’s next to this place called ‘The Three Monkeys. We don’t really have disco fries in England. Disco Fries (cheese fries with gravy) I can get down with,” said Sheeran.

Watch the full interview here >

Just like many of us who fantasize about getting the perfect form, no matter how much we work out food always seems to win the battle.

“I was quite athletic when I was younger and however much sport I do and running and all I would never get the ripped six pack that everyone dreams of. And then I started drinking and eating fries and lost all hope of the six pack everyone dreams of,” said Sheeran.

Photos: Up Close And Personal With Ed Sheeran

Sheeran isn’t ashamed to admit that maintaing a six pack doesn’t trump his love for eating disco fries and drinking a few beers.

“And no one is going to see it [six pack] unless I’m a d*** and I just always take my shirt off on stage. And you wouldn’t like that, would you?” Sheeran asked a bunch of adolescent teen fans.

The result was unanimously “yes” as the girls screeched at the thought of a bare Sheeran.

Here at Fresh, we would like to know your opinion. Would you like to see a more nude Ed Sheeran? 

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