I was at Yankee Stadium with my parents a few years ago (the old stadium) and my parents were visiting from Texas so they were rooting for the Rangers at Yankee Stadium. Well, there was an incredibly obnoxious fan who started saying some super mean things to my parents. Not one to be a shrinking violet, I let my New York hang out and let him have it… in a very ladylike way, of course. He apologized.

My dad grew up here in New York and was a die-hard Dodgers fan and that’s the way he was treated?! I couldn’t let it pass.

My partner Jim Douglas was at Yankee Stadium on a really hot, humid August day when a guy two rows in front of him (with Jim upwind) opened a can of… wait for it… TUNA!! Oh yes, the smell of tuna on a summer day is soooo fragrant!

This morning we talked to Craig Van Steinbergen who has been a vendor in the Bronx for 38 years…who do you think is the most annoying fan he has ever seen?

Craig has not missed an opening day in 38 years and today he will be back in the stands yelling “Beer, here!” And he shared with us not only his most annoying fan, but the best game he has ever seen and what he accidentally dropped over the railing!

Listen below…

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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