Ginny Blackmore Discusses Transition From Songwriter to Recording Artist + Performs “Bones” Acoustic

Kiwi Singer/Songwriter Ginny Blackmore (FYI: Kiwi means she’s from New Zealand!) stopped by the Fresh studios to discuss her first single and her transition from writing for recording artists to becoming one herself with Jim & Kim.

Blackmore wrote “Bones,” a track about an unacquainted love, almost two-years ago before she was signed to Epic Records and was still songwriting for others. But this song caused her to make the career switch. It is the first single off her currently unnamed debut album.

“People want to believe that [‘Bones’ is about a particular person], but I did have a bit of an emotional night. I had rented an apartment in Hollywood by myself and it felt like all of my pain from relationships came together on one full moon. I had a few glasses of red wine and set up my computer and my microphone and wrote and recorded that in the apartment. The recording is actually the original one from the apartment,” said Blackmore.

Ever since Blackmore watched “Sister Act 2” as a child with her father, she had wanted nothing more than to become a singer. It was her  initial introduction to hip-hop, R&B and soul music.

“I’ve taken a lot of time off school for musical theater. I was called into the principal’s office when I was 16. He recommended that I leave. It was a bit scary, but  he said you’ve taken so much time off and we actually really support you clearly this is what ou want to do. You should just go and do it. You shouldn’t waste anymore time,” she said.

Blackmore was taken back by this news, but her parents were really cool about it on one condition.

“[I had to] treat my music as a 9 to 5 job. So I said yes, and I left school pretty soon after that and they bought me some gear so I was writing and producing and recording in my bedroom. I had to be at the computer at 9 and couldn’t stop till 5. I was only allowed a half hour lunch break,” she said.

Although her parent’s were understanding, they meant business.

“If my dad didn’t hear music coming from the bedroom, he would knock on the door and go ‘what’s going on, what’s going on?’ I’d be like ‘lalalala.’ They actually allowed me to do that for a good couple of years to really develop my songwriting,” Blackmore said.

All of those years of parental support and bedroom jammin’ paid off nicely as she began song writing for pop starts like Christina Aguilera and Adam Lambert. However, Blackmore has some separation anxiety when it comes to her creative material.

“I never really go into songwriting trying to write for someone else. I just write a song and whatever comes comes. Sometimes I get really attacted to what I write. The one that Christina recorded (“Sing For Me“) I was very attached to. But it was perfect for her and I was a huge fan when I was younger so I was like ‘yeah’. It’s a win-win, but yeah I definitely  shed two tears over that one for sure” said Blackmore.

In the future, Blackmore hopes to write for pop princess Rihanna and ladies man John Mayer.

Watch Ginny Blackmore’s In Studio Performance of “Bones”:

-Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7/NYC

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