Emmy Award winning host Jeff Probst of the CBS hit reality game show “Survivor” gave Fresh’s Jim and Kim a call earlier today to discuss his thirteen years on the show and his New York Times Best Selling children’s book.

“Survivor” wasn’t always so well strung when it was initially being filmed.  Despite not being sure of which direction the show was headed, it has grown to epic proportions twenty-six seasons later.

“I remember the first season fairly well, because I had never done anything like that. It was a brand new show, we were in a foreign country, there was 85 of us. Our crew now to give you some comparison is 325 and we were making it up. Everyday we would meet and we would figure out what to do next. Not meaning we were making up the reality. We didn’t know how the show was going to work,” he said.

The first season was filmed in Borneo, the third largest no-continental island in the world north of Indonesia and has since been shot in 17 different locations including Thailand, Panama and Fiji. Jim and Kim wanted to know where did Jeff enjoy living the most.

“It depends what you’re looking for, but just in terms of experiences as a human – Africa. We lived in Kenya and we lived in tents. We would wake up every morning and everybody would open their tent one click at a time, because you would waken to a zebra or giraffe or whatever was out in the jungle right there with you. Looking back on it CBS would never let us live the way we did now. It was literally just out in the wild,” he said.

Over the years the show has captured the attention of both parents and their kids. And with its 13 year run those youngsters are now eligible to participate on the show.

“This season there’s this guy Malcolm (he was on last season as well) and the first thing he said when he was on the show was I grew up watching you and here I am on the show. And that’s a pretty common experience now as the kids are growing up,” he said.

As more childhood fans making it on to “Survivor” Jeff’s wife gave him the idea to write a children’s book entitled, “Stranded.”The book features 4 kids (9 to 13 years old), who go on a sailing trip and then get stranded on an island without any adults and have to try to survivor on their own.

“I’m very proud to say that for – its been out for about a month and for the third straight week in a row its a New York Times best seller. The book isn’t a money making venture. It’s $6 on Amazon. But it’s really fun to get Twitter feedback from the kids and their parents,” he said.

Hmmm… so would Jeff be able to survive if he was stranded on an island?

“If you’re with me we’re going to die. But the thing I’ve learned from ‘Survivor’ is adaptability. The people that do well on that show is the people that access what’s up and what do I need to do today to just get along. Thats the skill or the key,” he said.

Listen to the entire interview below:

– Maria Bonello 92.3 NOW/NYC

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