How READY Are You To Get Your Ex Out Of Your Life?

I’ve got the best Valentine’s Day present you can give yourself. if you’re ready to once and for all DELETE that EX outta your life for good.

You’ve been doing pretty well not running into them. Your friends are all primed to not even mention their name. No more texting or middle of the night phone calls… and just when you’re feeling pretty decent, WHAM! There’s that pic or post on Facebook that brings it all back.

Even if you’ve un-friended your ex, it’s hard to go back and un-like all those posts and pics and status updates. Well this Valentine’s Day, Facebook will unveil KILLSWITCH… and it will do all the work for you! It removes all those pics of your ex in your albums, all the status updates, tags, posts and likes. Seems pretty final right? Well, all those things do go into a Private Folder on Facebook for you to view one day when you’re ready.

OR to delete FOREVER!

Think how FREEING,  how GREAT how, POWERFUL, how CLEANSED you’ll feel!

You’re in charge of how you are going to feel this Valentine’s Day NOT your EX, so go change out of your sweatpants, get off the couch, throw out the ice cream and delete, Delete, DELETE! Then, go out with your BFF’s and have your own “move-forward” party!

–Karen Carson, Fresh 102.7


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