The Voice’s Vicci Martinez Talks Music Competition, Silly Judges & More

Vicci Martinez, one of the stand out artists on this season’s The Voice, recently stopped by the Fresh 102.7 studios in NYC to talk a little about the hit show, her new music and to perform her brand new single “Come Along” for some lucky listeners.

Diving right into her run on The Voice; one of the most asked questions Vicci must get since the end of the season has to be, “What was it like working with Cee Lo Green. “He’s silly,” says Vicci. “What you see on TV is what you get you know. He’s not holding back at all.”

But it hasn’t been just Cee Lo who Vicci has had the pleasure of working with. After deciding to cover the Titiyo song “Come Along” on The Voice, Vicci was given the opportunity to work with the original writer of the song, Peter Svensson (the Cardigans) and his buddy, legendary producer Max Martin, on her own version.

Fans of Vicci’s may not know this, but The Voice is not the first music competition show that she has been a part of. Back during the short lived Arsenio Hall days of “Star Search,” Vicci performed as a 16-year-old self-professed “stoner,” so her memories of that time are a “bit of a haze.”

Since then, Vicci has shared the stage with musicians she has looked up to her entire life. One of the most memorable occasions was when she had the opportunity to open for Sting.

“I didn’t really get to meet him because he doesn’t talk before [shows]… so he waved. And the only reason I got a wave was because my mom was there during soundcheck and she was saying ‘Steeeng, Steeeng’ – but he wouldn’t turn around. Finally, she was like ‘MR. STEENG!’ and he turned around laughing like ‘who is this person calling me Mr. Sting?'”

These days, Vicci has been going old school with her listening habits, taking in a lot of The Cure, as well as new music from her hometown of Seattle, notably up and coming rapper Macklemore.

As for visits to the Big Apple, Vicci says she likes to stick to the outerboroughs.

“My manager lives in Brooklyn. If I can, I like to stay there. It feels neighborhoody,” says Vicci. “I like to chill a little bit. There’s a lot of energy happening in New York – sometimes it’s a little too much for my ‘Seattle Stoner’ brain!'”

-Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7/NYC


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