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Deb Gordon put the spotlight on getting fit in the New Year with her guests, Dr. Ira H. Kirschenbaum, Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center and Erwin R. Gonzalez, New York Health & Racquet Club Group Fitness Instructor and creator of KINETIC Sculpt®.

Discussed were the things people tend to do wrong trying to achieve that “New Year, New You”. Mr. Gonzalez stated that oftentimes new exercisers become too aggressive in meeting goals, i.e. going from zero to 60 and subsequently burning out. He stressed the importance of a gradual progression. He also suggested that those just starting a new fitness routine should make a plan, set benchmarks and scale their activities, in order to prevent burnout, New exercisers or those who have taken time off, should also start out with 30 minute visits and gradually build up to an hour after a few weeks or a month. This will ensure that as the newness of the year wears off, we are still continuing the resolution and are better able to make the routine part of our lifestyle.

Winter is a time when many people participate in sports like skiing and snowboarding and Dr. Kirschenbaum provided information about how people can best avoid injuries. The doctor stated that when listeners start their “new you” they should be mindful of their abilities, their bodies and their ages. He informed the audience that one’s growth and elasticity, response to injury, and repair rate is never reproduced once the body is mature — No matter how fit we are, our bones and ligaments are at increased risk of trauma. Therefore, new exercisers must be mindful of their limitations and previous injuries, and consult the experts to determine what the right exercise is for them. Dr. Kirschenbaum also, stressed the importance of getting proper instruction, whether it’s at the gym, on the slopes, or in the athletic shoe store.

Both Dr. Kirschenbaum and Mr. Gonzalez discussed how fatigue affects performance and is one of the major causes of injury in a sport. Dr. Kirschenbaum stated that when we’re too tired, our attention is off and we are more likely to fall, and suffer some other ramifications. Mr. Gonzalez added that we lose the ability to reason when fatigued, which reduces our learning rate and increases the likelihood of injury.

Also discussed were the best exercises for people who are recovering from previous injuries which include beginners yoga, aquafitness, and gyrotonics — all of which introduce movement in a safe manner. Dr. Kirschenbaum added that the main challenges of injury is knowing what to do with early injury and finding the right doctor to treat you, within a week of the injury. He also stressed the importance of finding a practitioner that has a concrete plan for your development and what your progress will be. Mr. Gonzalez agreed and stated that the same holds true for finding a personal training: One should not hire someone who does not offer a plan.

In order to maintain the momentum that we have at the beginning of the year, Mr. Gonzalez suggested that rather than make one resolution, we should decide what we want to accomplish for the year and give ourselves benchmarks every 3 months, which makes it harder to quit.

Listen to the full interview here:

Dr. Kirschenbaurm created a website designed to inform the community about the connection between education and injury, and provide tools for recovery. To access the site, visit

CLICK to learn more about Erwin Gonzalez.

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