I Have Jury Duty… and I DON’T Want to Get Out Of It!

I’m one of those annoying people who truly believe that jury duty is my civic responsibility! I think the criminal justice system is immensely interesting.

And if I am ever in need of a trial, I would like to have a jury of my peers… not a jury of all the people who could not get out of it.

I was called to jury duty one other time, years ago. And I was picked to be on the jury to decide the fate of a corrections officer who was accused of shoplifting. She was totally guilty but there was enough reasonable doubt that we had to find her not guilty. I loved the process and I was the jury foreperson so I got to read the verdict!

I learned so much and met a lot of great court officers and my favorite judge… Judge Quinn.

But, my partner, Jim Douglas, wanted to get me in trouble this morning by telling everyone I wanted to get out of it and had people call with their best excuses and even a court officer that shared the worst excuses she’s heard over the years.

Susan, our court officer, shared some of the excuses she’s heard… like “I don’t speak English – in perfect English” and “I hate cops”…

Jarvy’s excuse is that she is Canadian & Karen is a caregiver…

Kim suggested that I tell them I am a felon…

Rosemarie was rejected as a juror which brought up a whole new possibility…

Have YOU ever given a ridiculous excuse to get out of jury duty? Sound off in the comments section below!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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