Do You Match Your Underpants to Your Shoes?

If you hop onto the subway this Sunday and sing to yourself “I see London. I see France. I see everyone’s underpants” then you’re in the right place!

This Sunday is the 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride when thousands of New Yorkers take to the subways pants-free. But don’t expect them to even acknowledge anything is out of the ordinary.

That’s the idea. Everything else is business as usual, except below the waist.

We were thinking of participating this year but Jim is a very fashion forward guy and wouldn’t even think of it unless he knew what was the best thing to wear. Without pants, apparently, there is still a ton of fashion going on!

So we turned to Pamela Pekerman our Style Expert and Media Personality to guide us in our pantsless ensemble.

Being that it is Winter, Pekerman has some sound advice for the men so they don’t look like boys. “If it’s 30 degrees and Jr. is looking like he needs to sit at the toddler’s table, I suggest you come with preparations.”

Those preparations may possibly include a sock or some other enhancement, because as Pekerman says, “You have to work with the elements.”

The women might not hearing this, but your legs are going to be exposed whether you like it or not, so heed this advice from Pekerman. “Wear heels. Because if you are worried how your legs are going to look, your thighs are going to look, how your butt is going to be lifted, heels will help you.”

Listen to Jim & Kim’s full interview for more helpful tips from Pamela Pekerman!

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