What Annoys You at the Gym? Time to KO Those Bad Habits!

Raise your hand if you made that time-honored New Year’s resolution… getting in shape?

Cue the person running screaming from the room.

It is so much easier to put into words getting into shape then it is to actually put it into practice. It sounds so nice when you say it out loud: “This year I’m really going to get in shape!” Then, that first morning you wake up and your entire body hurts from the crunches and treadmill the day before and you feel like a 100 year old woman in a commercial that has fallen and can’t get up. Getting in shape sounds like a curse word.

But for those of us that try and go to the gym year-round (and I put particular emphasis on the word try) we’ve noticed an alarming trend in our fellow gym grunters… oops, fellow gym goers… and their appalling manners and bad habits.

So, this morning we gave you a chance to knock out those bad gym habits! First we talked to personal trainer Husain Al-sullami from Precision Physical Therapy in Syosset, NY to find out how long it takes the newbies to give up after the first of the year and what bad habits he sees when he trains.

Then we gave you a chance to call in and when you hear the bell, give those bad gym habits a right hook and tell us what annoys you…

Donna KO’ed the gym rats who don’t wipe down the equipment…

David took a swing at the grunters who don’t put the weights back…

Catherine and Cathy had complaints of their own while Grace swung back at the people who complained about her not wiping down the equipment…

What about YOU? Do you have any bad gym habits you want to break? Or maybe you want to call that guy out who never wipes up his sweat? Sound off in the comments section below!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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