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Lifehouse have been busy promoting their new release Almería but when it came down to discussing their family traditions frontman Jason Wade and drummer Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. had a lot to say. While Rick’s holiday menu seemed fitting, we’re still scratching our heads at Jason’s.

“My family has this tradition where they do chocolate biscuits and gravy,” Jason told CBS Local. “It sounds gross, but it’s actually really, really good. You put a fried egg on top of that. It tastes good, you put some butter on there, you put some chocolate. It sounds really weird. It’s like chocolate syrup. It’s kind of like a donut.”

Rick’s family tradition was a little easier to envision.

“I’m a standard honey baked ham and yams,” Rick confessed.

Not surprisingly, Jason is not a fan of a normal holiday meal.

“I’m not a turkey fan. Turkey creeps me out a little bit,” he confessed. “It smells like sweaty feet or something. Turkey has a weird texture to it and sometimes when you cut into it there’s always that purple vein. I don’t like that. I like prime rib though. Prime rib and creamed corn.”

While the guys disagreed on the best Christmas meal, they did agree on favorite holiday songs.

“’Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ by John Lennon,” Jason said. “It’s a great song. We were actually talking about trying to track down Yoko to sing on it.”

Another song they released on iTunes for the holidays didn’t seem to agree with fans.

“Our other favorite Christmas song is ‘Silent Night,’” Rick said. “We did a version of it but it had a really high rating on iTunes, actually it was one star.”

“It had a Mumford & Sons vibe to it. We thought we were doing some groundbreaking stuff,” Jason said.

Though the band put accordions on it, fans just didn’t seem to like the track.

“Sleigh bells. We got in a circle and sang campfire style. And then we released it and it was one star. Maybe we’ll do a version of ‘Happy Xmas’ and redeem our one star,” Jason said.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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