There are two things I want to do in my life: buy a motorcycle and fly a plane. My wife won’t let me do either. I have been trying to wear her down for years, but if it can easily kill me because of my own clumsiness… she is adamantly against it.

But for our anniversary this year, she put aside all of her fears for me and gave me the gift I have been asking for forever… a flight lesson!!

I was so excited when I opened up and tried to ignore the fact that she had my life insurance policy out on the desk in the office.

So I finally have one of the things I have wanted to do my whole life. There’s just one problem…

Now that I have the flight lesson, I’m too scared to take it!! Now, I’m a big, fat chicken to actually go up into a plane and attempt to fly it. But I can’t tell my wife that. She finally put aside her feelings to give me someting that I have been bugging her about for years and now I don’t want to go.

Kim wasn’t going to let that one pass and this morning she surprised me with the pilot who is supposed to give me my lesson on the phone to try and convince me to put on my big boy pants and get in the plane!

Then again, why do I listen to Kim? She jumps OUT of perfectly good airplanes!

–Jim Douglas, Fresh 102.7

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