I ride the subway all the time and have yet to see someone famous. But I have seen pictures of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise snuggling on the N Train, Keanu Reeves giving up his seat on the 1 Train and Mayor Bloomberg headed to City Hall with all the other straphangers.

But it was Jay-Z‘s trek on the R Train with a camera crew in tow on his way to his final performance at the Barclay’s Center that turned Ellen Grossman’s life upside down.

Ellen is a 67-year-old artist, and until Jay-Z got onto the subway with his posse, she had no idea who he was. She was just being nice by scooting over to give the guy with all the hangers-on a seat.

At first she thought it was a flash mob, but then she asked him if he was famous. “I make music,” Jay-Z explains.

Although she  is surprised by the rapper’s choice in transportation and tells him that she’s proud of him, Ellen is not captivated by Jov’s charm.

“I don’t think Jay-Z is humble, but he’s genuine. He knows who he is. He has a great sense of himself,” said Ellen.

Ellen is no stranger to celebrity encounters. Years ago she has even chit-chatted with television talk show host and comedian Dick Cavett.

“About 30-years ago, I was sitting next to Dick Cavett. We were having a great conversation until I realized. I didn’t recognize him either  until everybody else at the lunch counter had fallen silent and were staring at us. And then I became tongue tired,” she said.

With her uncanny knack for celebrities spottings, who knows who Ellen will exchange words with next.

“I am careful with my make-up, just in case any celebrities come up to me,” said Ellen jokingly.

Watch Ellen Grossman’s brief convo with Jay-Z :

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