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Denzel Washington phoned into the Fresh studio today to give Jim and Kim of the morning show the scoop on his role in the new hit drama, “Flight,” directed and co-produced by Robert Zemeckis. This is Zemeckis’ first live action movie since “Cast Away” and “What Lies” Beneath from 2000.

The actor plays airline Captain William “Whip” Whitaker in the film in which he saves 96 out of 102 passengers on board flight 227 to Atlanta, GA.

Although the movie wasn’t filmed on an actual plane, but rather a simulator, Denzel couldn’t have had a better experience.

“We worked on a flight stimulator, which was great. I wish I had one at home. Its like you’re in a real plane, but you’re not,” said Denzel.

Despite the lack of a filming in an actual airplane, the crash scene seems virtually realistic on the big screen.

“Well you know Bob Zemeckis is a great director. When you’re shooting it you don’t see all the parts coming together. You’re just doing the interior, but the way he put it together is amazing,” he said.

The film also features a nude scene with Denzel’s butt – and yes it is his butt!

“It was no butt double. That was me – I think. I better go back and look,” he said, jokingly.

For more inside scoop about Denzel’s days at Fordham University and what he likes to do in NYC during the X-mas season listen here:

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