Karen Carson’s Guide To Holiday Tipping

This season there are sooo many people on our Holiday Gift lists that it’s easy to forget those people that make our lives easier on a daily, weekly or sometimes monthly basis! Rule of thumb on who to tip: The people you can’t live without. Who do you see everyday or at least weekly that has the power to make or break your day? Here are my top three peeps.

CBSNework.com has a good guide to Holiday tipping »

My sitter:

KarensKidsActually I have three. Without Sarah, Cecelia and Ally, let’s face it, my kids would be taking themselves to school and running all around the neighborhood creating havoc. These girls get my kids ready for school, do their hair, pick out their clothes, referee fights, feed them and schedule playdates while Mommy sits in traffic at the Holland Tunnel.

Yeah, you can be sure without these three in my life. NOTHING would get done I trust them with the most important people in my life! I usually pay them a week’s salary and give them a gift from the kids too.

My Parking Attendant:

ParkActually there are three of them too! Louis, Jean and Raoul. They take my car right away so I can get to work on time, and know exactly when I get off of work and have the car parked in the front so I’m ready to go. You can’t believe HOW much time this saves me when I know traffic is building on Varick Street! These are guys you DON’T want to let down!

Suggested pricing: Well, what you can afford for sure. I don’t own a Bentley so I give usually two weeks worth of tips.

My Hairstylist:

JoelleShe helps get your Glam on! You love her…and I always tell her “Make me look just like you!” Yeah, like that might happen. But she can work miracles and make me happy.

My girl Joelle from Bollo Salon is in HIGH demand and crazy busy but really works hard. If you treat your stylist well, who knows? Maybe she’ll fit you in when you call looking.

For more tip suggestions go to : CBSNewYork.com

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