I ride the 1 Train like a typical New Yorker all the time. I have my ear buds in, sunglasses on and have absolutely no interaction with my fellow passengers. Little did I know that by engaging in such anti-social behavior, I may be missing my chance to meet the man of my dreams!

Apparently, the subway is like happy hour for finding a hook up.

Erika Christensen is the subway matchmaker. She walks up to unsuspecting straphangers and hands them a card that says, “You’ve been spotted!” And then she finds the perfect person for them.

Check out her website at trainspottings.com. Even if you’re a lumberjack with the heart of an artist, she has someone for you.

And, apparently, plenty of our listeners have met someone while riding the rails.

KC was picked up by a guy with a handkerchief who wiped down the pole for her before getting her phone number, but he had a major flaw in his personality…

Jamal actually married the woman who hit on him in the subway after they connected over a bratty child, while Claire had a drunk guy lick her arm…

Have YOU ever met someone amazing while riding the Subway? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

 -Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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