J&K’s Office Space: Who Will You See This Thanksgiving That Will Be One Time Too Many?!

Everyone has that one relative that chews with their mouth open, talks politics, criticizes their cooking or brings their own Tupperware to the party to take home leftovers. Once a year is enough to see them… or is it too much?

It’s time for another Jim & Kim’s Office Space, where we sprung that very question on our unsuspecting co-workers!

  • One woman, who has only been married for three weeks, is dreading seeing her mother-in-law. She’s planning on moving to Hawaii to escape the rest of the holidays with her!
  • Another co-worker is not at all excited to see “Harvey,” and neither are the kids who kick him under the table.
  • And another has a crazy religious Aunt who always says “Grace” as if she’s reading from Beowulf.
  • One man’s neighbor, Tom, always comes by his family’s house and never has anything to offer. Knock with your feet, Tom!
  • Finally, another co-worker has an evil brother who lets his kids run rampant in the house. So much for that Tryptophan coma.

Who are YOU not at all excited to see this holiday season? Put them on blast in the comments section below!

–Kim Berk & Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7

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