Cher and Will Ferrell are trying to sway your vote in new PSAs.

With Election Day here, the two celebs want you to get out there and cast a ballot for Obama. But they each have very different ways of luring you to the polls.

Cher, who through Twitter has made it very clear that she’s Team Barack, teams up with comedian Kathy Griffin to talk directly to the swing states about why they should vote for Barack.

“There’s a lot at stake for women, especially people who like women and respect them,” Cher says in the commercial.

The “Believe” singer also refers to other politicians she thinks are ‘anti-women’ like Republican Senate nominee from Indiana, Richard Mourdock, Republican Senate nominee from Missouri Todd Akin and “the guy who looks like Dracula,” better known as Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan.

“We need you to do something for your country,” she says. “We need you to come together, protect women’s rights.”

Will, looking very debonair in his Pro-Obama clip, swears he will do anything to get you to vote.

“Hungry? How about a homecooked meal?” he asks. “Hope you like angel hair pasta.”

Will offers to move your couch, to do a dance just for you or eat anything you want, including garbage or toenails. It’s clear this guy seriously wants you to get out there and vote.

But of course, he doesn’t want you to just vote for anyone, he’d like to see you vote Obama.

“It’s a slamdunk,” Will says about choosing Barack as he catches a football.

Yeah, he’s definitely got the wrong sport, but it’s the thought that counts.

Which celeb do you think has a better chance of swaying someone’s vote?

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local



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