My Sandy Weekend Probably Started Just Like Yours…

My weekend probably started just like yours, watching the news trying to figure out just how much I had to worry about this storm. I went to the store and got some food, filled the tub with water and charged up my flashlight, computer and phone.

Monday morning Fresh called because Karen couldn’t make it in and I needed to be on the air. I packed a bag, some food and took a cab downtown to the studio. I spent the next 5 hours trying to pass on as much information as I could. It was a lot, so many thanks to Jessica Ettinger from 1010 Wins for helping with updates every hour. I’m not going to lie, I was getting scared. I was starting to feel that this was going to be much worse than anyone was expecting. I had to work the next morning so I got a room at the hotel across the street. The first thing I saw when I got there were 2 women in tears because their room on the 20th floor was swaying so much in the wind that it scared them enough to get the heck out of there. After watching the news for a few hours, the hotel had to turn off their power so I just went to bed. I didn’t get much sleep with the sound of the rain, wind and sirens all night.

Stay Up To Date With Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts HERE >

Tuesday when I woke up, I was in the dark. Not just because the power was out but because I had no information. I didn’t know exactly how much damage Sandy had done, I was afraid to see what I was stepping out into. I went to Fresh and was very excited to see they were getting ready to make pancakes!

I could also get some much needed coffee!

I must say a huge thank you to Jim and Craig from the morning show for making sure I got my pancakes with lots of syrup! Next, I started going through all the pictures of Sandy’s aftermath on Facebook and Twitter and my heart sank. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it almost didn’t seem real. It was then time go back on air to pass on all the information I could. The news I gave was much worse than the day before. Monday, I was telling people how to prepare and Tuesday I was telling them all the ways their lives had changed and the hardships they would endure for the next few days. It was tough and very draining. I was done at 3p and finally headed home for a much needed meal, hot shower and comfy bed.

I had to walk because I couldn’t get a cab. There were so many people on the streets and I saw something very rare, every pay phone on 6th ave. being used. Luckily my building was one that still had power. The few restaurants in my neighborhood had huge lines. I made it into one but not soon after, they were turning people away because they ran out of food. Most places were cash only so if you didn’t have it, you couldn’t eat.

My lobby was packed with people charging their phones and computers. When I got home I realized how completely unprepared I was for this storm. I was very lucky but if I didn’t have power, I wouldn’t have had enough food or water to last a week. As the day went on, most restaurants were running out of food and the ATM machines were out of cash. It’s amazing how quickly things can deteriorate.

My heart goes out to anyone who was affected by the storm. I’m extremely thankful to all the people who are working hard on trying to get things back to normal. I have seen a lot of great examples of people coming together and helping each other.

I won’t feel okay until I do something to help. Today, that meant giving blood and Mayor Bloomberg was in the chair next to me! Here’s what he had to say about Sandy and the 2012 Presidential Election: 

-Christine Richie, Fresh 102.7


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