“The Stalker Song” Exposes Lighter Side Of Voyeurism

"Thanks for leaving your curtains open, just enough for me to peak through."

In Danny Elmwood’s dark comedy, we’re taken on a relatively harmless journey through the eyes of a brown paper bag-masked stalker.

Penning the song in the first-person, Elmwood is not your run-of-the-mill stalker. The rather crafty fanatic doesn’t just watch just from a distance. Our mystery man actually involves himself in his love’s everyday life, in a distinctively creepy way of course. When Elmwood finally comes face to face with his obsession, he chooses a rather unconventional introduction.

Thanks for leaving your curtains open
Just enough for me to peak through
I was hiding in the dark
Behind a tree in your front yard
And you didn’t have a clue

Speaking from his home in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter “Danny Elmwood” told CBS Local, he was also the brains behind the admittedly low-budget video.

“Yeah, I wrote the song and video, had a team of my close friends pull our resources and make it,” said Elmwood. “I spent about $2700, $1200 just on permits in Monrovia (CA), but totally worth it!”

You didn’t know that I was stalking you

But now you do

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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