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This week on Jim & Kim’s morning show singer Bruno Mars was in the hot seat. Here’s how it works…

Jim & Kim ask a question or say a statement and Bruno blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. Ready, set, go!

1. Cats or dogs?
“Lips! No wait…dogs. I have a Rottweiler, his name is Geronimo and I miss him dearly. This is my first dog actually. It’s rough leaving that little guy.”

Does he know its you when you come home or is it like is this somebody new I should bite?
“No, he knows it’s me. Sometimes he gets a little mixed up when I wear different hats. I think he’s a little blind.”

2. Favorite junk food…
“Favorite junk food: pizza.”

That’s junk food?
“I guess, that’s what trainers say.”

Any particular toppings mushroom, cheese, pepperoni?
“With all of the above. Thats the beauty about pizza, you could put like pop-tarts on it, it’s delicious.”

3. How about your greatest fear.
“Here comes therapy…One of my greatest fears was live TV. It’s always been a big fear. Just because you have a vision when you write these songs. You want people to take it in a certain way and this is your chance to finally show people what it looks like. And it’s so out of your hands, becuase there’s someone in the control room holding your mic. There’s someone doing the lighing thing, lighting you up. There’s a camera guy. I always used to be in my head about that kind of stuff, but now I’m loosening up. I think it has to do wth just taking on SNL and saying you know what,  I’m going to wear a dress! You can’t be scared about anything after that. You kind of showed the world what you are working with.”

4. What did you want to be when you were a kid growing up?
“It was something to do with music. It’s my parent’s fault. Being in my father’s show in Waikiki –  like a Las Vegas style show. They just injected music into my brain so it’s all I know. I couldn’t play sports…well ’cause I’m three feet tall and I had to work after school. After school I’d have to go straight to work, which I loved to do. I needed to do it. So whether or not I’d be here releasing albums, I’d be singing somewhere for a restaurant or a birthday party. Or at Lips as Candy Mellon.”

5. If you could, would you spit off the Empire State Building and who would you want to be down below when the event occurred?
“Yes. He’s actually here in the room. Ladies and gentlemen, Philip Morris.”

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