For those having trouble coming up with Halloween costume ideas, consider being a rock star for a night of tricks and treats. It’s almost too easy given laundry list of costumed rock stars such as KISS, The Misfits, The Aqua Bats, Marylin Manson, Devo, David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust), Mushroomhead, Slipnot, and just about every 80s band.

Rock stars are fashionable and arrogant, reckless and volatile, whimsical and theatrical. Not only are these great recipes to consider when plotting for a fun Halloween costume, but they’re also perfectly acceptable behaviors for such an audacious day like Halloween. All it takes is a little thought and creativity to make a down-right, funny-as-hell rock-n-roll costume sure to jump-start the conversation.

billiejoegetty400x3252 10 Funny Rock Star Halloween Costumes

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Angry Billie Joe

How fun would it be to lurk for candy dressed as the disgraced version of the Green Day front man? Little is required; just some black clothes, messy black hair, red tie and suspenders, eyeliner, but most importantly: an angry slur and a broken guitar.

Score extra points with this costume by somehow affixing a busted clock to the broken guitar; in reference to the infamous count-down timer responsible for setting off the singer at a recent Las Vegas music festival.

Cokie the Clown

Fat Mike from NOFX has an alter ego and it’s a depressing, vile hobo clown. After NOFX released a five song EP in 2009 named after him, Cokie the Clown took stage by himself for an acoustic set during a Fat Wreck Chords showcase at the SXSW Festival 2010. Between songs, Cokie espoused enthralling stories about the most disturbing moments of his life.

To complete the costume, all you need is a rad old plaid suit, a goofy fedora, a big flower for your lapel, and clown make-up. A fun accessory could be a bottle of Partron, since Cokie passed a bottle of it around to the crowd after he informed everyone that it was filled with his urine.

Naked Blink 182 from “What’s My Age Again”

This costume works if you have 2 friends to accompany you. To avoid a tickets for indecent exposure, you could wear a nude suit.  Wear some shoes so you’re able to run once you’ve stolen your neighbors’ pumpkins. Not tattoos? You can invest in fake sleeves or temporary tattoos. Don’t’ worry about trying to match Travis Barker’s current state insurmountable ink. This video was released in 2000, before a lot of his work was done, so dunking yourself in ink won’t be necessary.

deadmau5 sadmouse2 10 Funny Rock Star Halloween Costumes

Courtesy Ultra Music

Sarcastic Deadmau5

While everyone else is wearing a vampire or sexy kitty costume, why not try an interesting conversation piece? For the Sarcastic Deadmau5 costume, just wear a Mickey Mouse mask that is all bloodied up, you could ‘x’ out the eyes, maybe stick a fake knife through your head, and there you have it–a dead mouse.

genefrenkle2 10 Funny Rock Star Halloween Costumes

Courtesy Funny Or Die

Gene Frenkle, The Cowbell Aficionado

Why has Gene found more work since jamming with Blue Oyster Cult? We may never know. Those that choose this costume are sure to appear  super sexy with a curly mullet and an exposed manly chest of hair. Plus, jamming a cowbell all night is sure to annoy the party; fun fun fun.

meatdressbooboo2 10 Funny Rock Star Halloween Costumes

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images / TLC

The Lady Boo Boo Meat Monster

It will be Hallows Eve, the scariest night of the year and ladies you have an opportunity this year to dress as the most wretched and terrifying creature ever to be seen trick-or-treating, The Lady Boo Boo.  All it takes to create a Lady Boo Boo costume is cover your face with bad makeup, cover your body in meat steaks, carry around a sippy-cup filled halfway with Mountain Dew and top it off with a cute, beef tiara. In order for the costume to be complete you must spew out random word diarrhea throughout the night such as, “I hope I don’t see a bunch of wedgies at the water park. Vagiggle jaggles gonna be hanging out, though,” and, ” Chickadee, she da pregnatist,” or even better, “Ra ra ah ah aah, roma roma mamma, gaga ooh la la.”

Flock of Seagulls Band Member

OK, who are Flock of Seagulls you ask?  Only one of the thousands of 80’s bands more famous for their ridiculous hair than their one hit song (in this case the song is “I Ran”).

discostu2 10 Funny Rock Star Halloween Costumes

Courtesy Fox

Disco Stu

Full name: Discotheque Stuart.  Area of expertise: The Hustle. Disco Stu would be a totally fun costume because you could bust out random disco dance moves all night, and it would be perfectly acceptable. Hurry up and go get yourself a bedazzled disco jumpsuit and platform shoes.

Bill & Ted

Were Bill and Ted bug rock stars? You betcha. Their band, The Wyld Stallions, not only saved the world, but by the year 2688 the band’s music will have created a utopian society. Not bad for a couple of knuckle-heads from San Dimas who couldn’t pass history without the help of those who actually created it. Once again, you’ll need a friend for this costume, and if you choose to go as “Bill S. Preston Esquire” you’ll need a cheap sweatshirt with the midriff cut off.

David Hasselhoff

Does this costume require any explanation? The Hoff is a global icon after all. Known for his hit TV shows, Baywatch and Knight Rider, he’s also inexplicably heralded as a singing sensation in Germany. Regardless of how you portray the Hoff, you’ll surely be the hit of the party.

— John Kovacic / KROQ, Los Angeles


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