Daughtry Makes a Pit Stop While On Tour At Fresh, Performs “The Start Of Something New” Acoustic

Chris and Elvio of Daughtry took a break from their rigorous touring schedule to stop by the Fresh 102.7 studios last week.

Morning hosts Jim & Kim got up close and personal with the band as they discussed being on tour and away from their families. They also gave a special, intimate performance of their new single “The Start of Something New” for a group of lucky Fresh listeners.

Coming back to the states from their European tour, the band went straight to work again performing at the Today Show.

“We had an early morning. We had to get up at 4:40 so we could perform at 11. It’s T.V. for you,” said Chris.

The life of a rock star isn’t always so glamorous as they are constantly on tour and perform at sold out venues for thousands of screaming fans. In fact, Daughtry has already hit the road again for Dubai. Yep, totally not glamorous at all!

“We’ve been away from home for seven weeks. So yeah, we’re definitely ready,” said Chris about being tired of traveling.

Daughtry’s newest member, Elvio Fernandes, who plays guitar and does background vocals also joined Jim & Kim in the studio.

Being the new kid on the block or starting your first day at work isn’t always easy. The same could be said for finding one’s place in a band that has been together for almost ten years.

“They’ve been a family for probably six years before I came along. So I had to tread lightly and make sure that I didn’t overstep my boundaries,” said Elvio.

Despite the camaraderie that the other members showed him, there was some friendly hazing.

“They tried to haze me once. They tried to leave without me to the venue. But the venue was literally fifty feet away from the hotel,” said Elvio. “I didn’t know the joke was on me. I just walked in and they’re all laughing.”

Along with welcoming their newest member and  finishing up the “Break The Spell Tour” in December, Chris mentioned that he is interested in collaborating with P!nk in the future. And even possibly creating a theme song for an action flick!

Watch Daughtry Perform “The Start of Something New” Below:

-Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7

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