Yankees Offense Gone Missing? Can the Bronx Bombers Pull Out Of This Hole Tonight?

New York, our beloved Yankees are in a hole that they may not be able to dig themselves out of.

After last night’s defeat to Tigers all star pitcher Justin Verlander, the Bronx Bombers are down in a 3-0 frenzy and the 95 game division champions are one game away from elimination to the same exact team who defeated them last year in the ALDS.

Yankee fans are getting frustrated real fast with their team due to the fact that they seem completely unable to hit a ball out of the infield. Doesn’t sound right? Well here are some of the stats to prove it:

  • To start, golden glove winner Alex Rodriguez who was reportedly flirting and possibly even exchanging numbers with two women while being benched for game one against the Tigers has gone a horrendous 3-23 — which, for those who do not understand Baseball terms, means has hit the ball three times out of 26 attempts.
  • To add to the misery of the Yankees offense, the two deadliest hitters on the team, Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano, both have been ghosts at the plate and have gone for a total out of 50 hits combined, 3 hits with one run scored.

Is this real life?

Of course, we can’t forget this year’s designated hitter pick up Raul Ibanez. The man has done it all from late inning heroics to game winning blasts. Yes, he may be older than other designated hitters that the Yankees were looking for during this past off season, however he has proven his loyalty in this year’s playoffs so far.

However, the biggest loss to the lineup definitely struck the Yankees this past Saturday night when the future hall of famer, “Captain Clutch” Derek Jeter, attempted to dive for a ground ball and ended up fracturing his left ankle. That injury has taken him out of contention for the rest of the 2012 playoffs.

Manager Joe Giradi has done everything possible under his power by benching players and even holding all star starting pitcher CC Sabathia on extra days rest so he can pitch tonight, hopefully keeping the playoff run going.

The Empire that is known as the New York Yankees were once on the opposite side of the fence back in 2004 holding a 3-0 lead in the ALCS and letting that lead slip right out of their hands to the rival Boston Red Sox’s – and if the Red Soxs can pull it off why can’t we?! All the Yankees need to do is start playing small ball and get on base. Seems simple enough.

Here’s what our Jock lineup at Fresh 102.7 had to say about our October contenders:

  • “I love the Yankees but before Game One of the ALCS I told my boyfriend that I was afraid they were going to be swept by the Tigers. I don’t want that to happen!! But I’m afraid it will. My mom lives in Michigan and is a Tigers fan, so she has been gleefully texting me about her superior (in her mind) team. I was disappointed to see A-Rod out of the lineup against Verlander last night. I know he’s in a major slump (and has plenty of time to hit on girls in the stands by throwing them baseballs to write their numbers on) but he has a good record against Verlander and let’s face it, with Justin Verlander on the mound, the Yankees weren’t going to score a whole lot, so having A-Rod’s glove at third (especially with Jeter on the sidelines) would have been a good thing. Oh yes, Joe Girardi loves all of us armchair managers, I’m sure.  Back to musical lineups tonight…let’s hope CC Sebathia and his saggy pants can keep us in it for at least one more game!! I really don’t need a gloating text from Mom tonight!” – Kim Berk
  • “You don’t win 27 world championships by giving up! Never, ever give up on the Yankees!” – Jim Douglas
  • “I can’t look. I will not be able to watch…I’ll have it on and be listening from the other room. That’s what I do…it makes me too tense!” – Karen Carson
  • “It”s not impossible for the Yanks to win four in a row, but it’s improbable for sure. The bats have been dead. DEAD. Meanwhile, the tigers aren’t even that strong. Whether it’s San Francisco or St. Louis, I think the National League will win this year.” – Dylan

Do you believe we can rewrite history?? Sound off with your comments below!

–Vincent Roszkowski, Fresh 102.7

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