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Craig Ferguson, host of “The Late Late Show,” called into the Fresh 102.7 studios today to promote his upcoming comedy act at Radio City Music Hall on October 6th. Tickets are on sale now!

Not only did he speak to Jim & Kim about his new act, but they touched on many bizarre topics like the smell of NYC, painting his toe nails and Jim’s obsession with Craig.

Craig Ferguson on using an alias to check-into hotels:

“I don’t need to check-in under an assumed name. I’m on at 12:30 at night. I’m lucky if I could check-in under my own name.”

Craig Ferguson on living on the lower east side of NYC:

“My first place was above a bakery on first avenue and eleventh street. And then I moved down to 10 and then to 4 – that was lively. Weirdly enough I haven’t lived in New York for years, but I still kind of think of myself as a New Yorker. I don’t know why…I guess its cause it was the first place I lived in America.”

Craig Ferguson on visiting his old neighborhood:

“I saw that the last time I was there. I went down to Thompson Square Park to see if I could see any of the old gang and it was all hipsters with strollers and kids. You get the occasional guy walking by that seems familiar and decriminalized. But other than that it was kind of weird. It was always a good neighborhood. I always liked it, but it was pretty dangerous at night sometimes.”

Craig Ferguson on the smell of NYC:

“It smells a bit like pee-pee and pizza. I like the smell of pee-pee and pizza. Whenever I go for a pizza, it makes me want to pee. And whenever I go to the bathroom I always want a pizza.”

Craig Ferguson on his book:

“I’d like to think of myself as the J.K. Rowling of radio personalities. I’m getting them back to reading again.”

 Check out the full interview right here!

–Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7

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