Something has been weighing on my mind… I was a bit selfish with my favorite snack. I hid the Blue Bunny ice cream from my son the other day.

He is a 21-year-old college student and when he gets a bowl of ice cream he fills it up and eats every last drop, so when I go to the freezer excited about my Bunny Tracks ice cream, it’s all gone.

And the thought of getting into my car and driving to get more ice cream deflates me. It just wouldn’t be the same.

So this time I hid the ice cream at the back of the freezer behind the tots so that my son would think there wasn’t any left.

And I was far more devious by throwing a red herring bag of chocolate chip cookies to him so that he would have a satisfying snack and leave my Bunny Tracks alone!

Does that make me a bad person?!

Because I have felt really bad all week for hiding the ice cream from my son. And I need to know.

Maria has two kids of her own and told me where she hides the sweets from her kids…

But, then it was time to confess to my son…who threw my wife under the ice cream bus.

-Jim Douglas, Fresh 102.7

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