Ed Sheeran Gets “Up Close and Personal” With Fresh Listeners At City Winery, NYC

English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is quickly climbing the ladder of stardom. This past summer at the London Olympics, Sheeran had the opportunity to perform the classic hit “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd during the closing ceremonies with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, Genesis’ Mike Rutherford and The Feeling guitarist Richard Jones. Seriously, how many young men are given the chance to perform at one of the world’s biggest events with one of the world’s biggest bands? Lucky duck!

Back in 2011, Sheeran’s path to fame all started with his hit single “The A Team” which debuted on the UK charts at number three.

Recently Ed Sheeran made an appearance at City Winery in Downtown NYC to perform some acoustic songs for a group of lucky Fresh 102.7 listeners. You can check out the acoustic performance of his current single “The A Team” and listen to Ed explain his reaction to hearing his music on the radio for the first time HERE.

But that’s not all the fans got to experience. Sheeran would then go on to do a Q&A session with the fortunate fans.

edsheeran perf winery 08 Ed Sheeran Gets Up Close and Personal With Fresh Listeners At City Winery, NYC

Photo: Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7

Oppa Sheeran Style!

To start off, not surprisingly, Sheeran was challenged to do the dance move that has been sweeping the nation, PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” Ed was actually expecting this topic to come up, but admitted he had not heard about the dance until a few days prior and thought it had something to do with M.I.A‘s single “Gangalang.”

That is, until he saw the video with “some Korean dude on the toilet!”

Sheeran In the Big Apple…

Since Ed is the furthest thing from a native New Yorker, he mentioned how it was hard to do so much in such a major city but will eventually plan more adventures around the Big Apple.

“I’ve been here around twenty times and done nothing touristy. I’m itching to go up the Empire State Building… the Statue Of Liberty, go and see the Freedom Tower… and I haven’t see Times Square at night,” says Ed. ” My favorite part of New York is there’s so much left to discover!”

edsheeran perf winery 07 Ed Sheeran Gets Up Close and Personal With Fresh Listeners At City Winery, NYC

Photo: Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7

Touring, Touring and More Touring…

As of 2009, Sheeran held over 300 tour dates. Ed was asked about what it is like being on tour for so long, and what were his favorite memories about being on the road.

Ed said that “Whatever mood I’m in – good, bad, awful, anything – whenever you get out on the stage, literally within 5 seconds of their reaction I just am instantly happy and, really it’s great. And the best part about touring is every night seeing fans.”

“I’ve spent a long time being a kind cool taster type of artist where 40-year-old dudes would come to my gigs and stand there with their arms crossed basically wondering why people like me and then I would get weird reviews in older magazines,” Ed continued. “As soon as the fan base got younger and younger, I found more people coming to my show. They were generally enjoying it and signing and smiling and that’s actually what I wanted from it. I didn’t want to be a cool artist, I just wanted to play songs that entertain people… and this is the best part of touring.”

Ed Wishes You Were There…

This past summer at the London Olympics, was a major milestone for the young singer and his fans wanted to know all about the experience. “I expected to be nervous but realized that I was never going to be able to do this ever again on this scale with these caliber of musicians, with this song. I’m going to enjoy every second of this,” admitted Sheeran.

edsheeran perf winery 14 Ed Sheeran Gets Up Close and Personal With Fresh Listeners At City Winery, NYC

Photo: Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7

Oh, Those Lovely Locks!

Ed is well known for his long, flowing, ginger locks and when he was asked if he would ever hit the barber shop to change it up, he had a lot lot say.

However he was only given two options: shave it all off or dye it purple.

Ed’s hilarious reaction…

“Ooh! See, I’ve always wanted to because ‘m instantly recognizable with this bonet. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I shaved my head. Well I have really blonde, pale eyebrows and I’d look like an egg. I’d literally look like an egg if I shaved it. And I’ve cracked my head a few times, so that would be loads of scars. I’d look like the dawn of the living dead!”

“But if I dyed it purple, I’d start looking like a Chris Crocker kind of thing. I don’t know if people would take me seriously. I’m never going to change ginger proud! Is there a third choice? Maybe the choice can be growing it long and putting it in a pony tale and looking a bit douchey for a bit. No offense to anyone who has a pony tail… male pony tail!”

To check out more Ed Sheeran, head over to his official website and follow him on Twitter/Facebook.

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