What Ridiculous Conditions Would Be In Your Prenup?

If you could go back and write a prenuptial agreement for your marriage, what silly things would you include?

Most of us don’t have to worry about a prenuptial agreement in our relationship. I know personally, I don’t have any assets that need protecting… But, it turns out it’s not just financial concerns that people are including in their prenups.

The Post just had an article yesterday that included New York’s craziest prenups and some of the ridiculous things people wanted to make sure their spouses did or didn’t do… like…

  • “No piano playing while the husband is home.”
  • “Wife is not allowed to cut her hair.”
  • “Husband can only watch 2 sporting events on TV per month.”
  • “Only family related to both spouses can accompany them on vacations.”
  • “If husband is rude or cruel to wife’s parents, husband agrees to pay $10,000 for each infraction.”
  • “If I become pregnant, husband agrees to pay wife $50,000 for carrying each child.”
  • “If the wife’s weight exceeds 170 pounds, she forfeits her $10,000 allowance.”

Why get married at all?! So we decided to call a top divorce attorney and find out if people really do include silly, little things in their prenups.

Lynne Gold-Bikin is a partner at Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby and a top divorce attorney in the tri-state area and she had a doozy of a story about a couple and their pending nuptials and what one husband thought of his significantly younger wife…

Then it got us to thinking about what you might have included in a prenup after knowing your spouse for a time. Carol and Julia both had husbands with bad habits they would have preferred to nip in the bud before they tied the knot…

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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